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Building a digital twin
of the global food system


to provide businesses, policy makers and society with timely information about the climate risks to water and food security



Uncharted Waters Ltd is a not-for-profit, data-driven climate startup. We are founded and led by a team of leading experts in climate, water and food security modelling.

Our Mission: Unchartered Waters will identify the impact of climate volatility on our water and food security.

How: By building a ‘Digital Twin’ of the global food system with real time data.

What: To provide policy makers and society with timely information about the climate risks to water and food security.

Why: To increase support for climate action and build a resilient society capable of responding to our water and food security needs. 


The Problem

Climate change is impacting food production much sooner than previously expected;

Climate volatility is increasing risks. Water resources, which help buffer volatility, are being depleted;

Our food system is increasingly interconnected and impacts spread fast. Progress in reducing global hunger has reversed.

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The Need

To end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition for all in a sustainable way we need to act now.

Decision makers need support:
• They can't rely on the past; assumptions that rainfall, river flows, water use or food trade will resemble historical conditions do not hold under change.

• They have to act quicker; extreme events follow each other faster and impacts spread wider. Timely insight on current resource availability, stocks and expected production is needed to assess buffers and tipping points.

• They have to plan better; panic decisions often prove counterproductive or unsustainable. Supporting analysis needs to distinguish the trend from the noise, and relate present day risk to long-term development challenges.

We believe there is a need for real-time data on climate impacts to our water and food security so that businesses and governments can take timely decisions.

We are building a ‘Digital Twin’ of the global food system, driven by the latest climate data, calibrated against real world production and trade data, amongst others using machine learning.

We provide insights into interconnections at three levels:

• weather to food security (sector); we analyse the impact of climate events along hydrological impact pathways.

• exporters and importers (space); we can relate shortages in climate affected regions to the exports potential of countries with excess production.

• present to future (time): we provide a seamless link between current weather impacts and projections of future climate.

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A Solution


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