Digital twin of the global food system

Uncharted Waters Ltd are building a digital twin, a tool to continuously assess - in realtime - the impact of climate and non-climate drivers on water resources and food production, and the consequences for national-to-global food security. This is based on our deep understanding of the links between climate variability, production and risk. The tool supports our novel Climate-Food Security Risk Index, which we update monthly, using the latest climate data. 

Water accounting & agri-food risk

Uncharted Waters Ltd are experts in water accounting, linking water and food production. We can assist in water productivity analysis, including economic water productivity, and water footprint analysis. In an interconnected world, neither food nor water stops at borders; a better understanding of water embedded in food trade, including water from unsustainable sources, can help understand risks to food supply chains. Our methods have been tested and published: on water accounting (for South Asia); on virtual water trade assessments and risks (for several Gulf States). 

Climate risk 

Despite awareness of climate impacts on development, climate variability and future change have received limited attention in investment decisions. Uncharted Waters Ltd have ample experience in characterising past and future climate variability and related risk to water-energy-food infrastructure. Our approach is to understand the main source of climate risk, its climatological drivers and impact to development plans (see, e.g., for infrastructure in East Africa).