UMFULA extension

date. 2020

country. Tanzania

partners. Grantham Research Institure - London School of Economics (Uncharted Waters Research as subcontractor), Manchester University, Sokoine University of Agriculture

funder. DfID (FCFA programme)

publication. Climate variability affects water-energy-food infrastructure performance in East Africa

UMFULA Figure Graphical abstract.png

In sub-Saharan Africa exposure and vulnerability to climate risk is high across crucial economic sectors. Yet, investments are still made under the assumption that rainfall or streamflow will resemble historical patterns, and most climate impact studies focus on changes in mean climate. Our analysis identifies critical climate risks to water-energy-food infrastructure performance in two large river basins targeted for major development and highlights the need for climate risk assessments to incorporate a ‘long view’ of variability. Contingency plans for the worst-case extremes need to be developed.